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Get to Know Us

Ding Dong Shake is a coconut wholesaler, we do provide attractive package for our customers like restaurants, temples, and many more. Besides coconut wholesaler,


Ding Dong Shake has established strong foundation for preparing many types of coconut foodies. For example, yummy coconut jelly , which is our hot seller and high demand coconut foodies. And of course our Ding Dong Shake's signature shake, Monster Coconut Shake; Singapore Original coconut shake. Ding Dong Shake always believing in using and preparing and providing the freshest and mouthwatering coconut shake from the fresh ingredients and no sugar added, and no preservatives added.


Ding Dong Shake do involve some charity event like Assiss Hospice Fun day and Mendaki. Moreover, corporate events Ding Dong Shake do actively involve like company’s month end seminar, and company festive celebrations. Birthday party, solemnisation, house warming and more private events, Ding Dong Shake do provide the best and memorable products for the customers.

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